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California Sucks 3 years ago
Used to write off chubby girls when I was younger. Then I ended up fucking one that I worked with and never returned. You haven't gotten head until a fat girl sucks you off.
3 years ago
man... ive only banged 2 chubby girls and they were both so spectacular in bed. best head ive ever had, one of them choked me while riding my dick and i accidentally came inside her like immediately, wish i had a redo
Jingles 3 years ago
Who is she?
Ummmm 2 years ago
Why do y’all comment “I want...” like the people who made the videos are going to respond y’all sound dumb as hell stfu
TittyLover 3 years ago
Shes so fuckin hot!
BBWLover 3 years ago
I Love me some BBW
3 years ago
e38 3 years ago
her name is anastasia lux
LDawg2 3 years ago
AL is hot but a lame fuck
3 years ago
bare assed slut born to suck cock